Foods Kids Must Avoid at All Costs

Childhood is a great time to introduce new foods to your kids. It is a time of exploration, with kids wanting to try everything. However, once they settle for something they like, they don’t want to try anything else. So, it is no surprise as to why many kids only love chips and nuggets for the rest of the day.

Cereals are full of sugarIt can be a big headache for you as a parent, though. Because eating the same foods over and over again does not offer nutrition. The lack of different nutrients can compromise your kid’s health, and this is something that any parent would never want to happen.

It can be hard to motivate your child to try new foods, and this is a struggle that many parents share. That is why recipes that sneak in vegetables and fruits in dishes are now gaining popularity among parents. Recipes that come with meal kits are easily available — here’s a Sun Basket discount for starters. For example, if your child loves nuggets, you can include shredded broccoli and carrots into the mix. Or if your child likes fries, you can bake them and introduce other crops like sweet potato and beetroot that you can turn into “fries,” too.

Many parents swear by these cooking methods, and many say their kids cannot tell the slightest that they’ve placed vegetables in the mix. It is essential to find ways to encourage your kids to eat vegetables because it is going to be beneficial for them in the short and long run. If you want to encourage your kids to eat veggies, do not make it a scary experience for them. Do not threaten them with scolds if they do not want to eat anything other than chicken nuggets. Make it a fun and positive experience for them, and allow them to taste flavors that they’ve never tried before.

Children should be encouraged to eat healthyA healthy and balanced diet is essential for kids for their physical, mental, and emotional health. If your child is a picky eater, make sure that he/she gets to avoid the following foods, which are incredibly unhealthy and can even impede their growth:

1. Cereals

Cereals have been marketed incredibly well that parents and kids see these as the perfect breakfast meal. They are advertised as having whole grains, minerals, and vitamins, which make them a “complete” meal. But this information is far from the truth. Cereals are largely made with sugar and preservatives which make them very addicting to eat. Even those labeled as “low sugar” are made with artificial sugars, which are, in fact, worse for you.

If your child loves cereals, you can instead give him/her oatmeal with chia seeds, milk, and their favorite fruits. The fruits will give the variety of colors that your child may be looking for.

Healthy smoothies over sugar-laden fruit juices2. Fruit juice

Many packaged fruit juices are full of sugar, and they are not even made with real fruit. These juices are one of the reasons why diabetes is rampant even among teenagers. These products don’t offer anything of value other than sugar and preservatives.

So, instead of wanting convenience by purchasing packaged fruit juices, make these juices and shakes at home. Use real fruit and add natural ingredients like honey and milk, depending on your child’s preference.

Cereals and fruit juices are some of the most common foods that kids like that must be avoided at all costs. Go with natural foods that can satisfy your child’s cravings, and that can offer nutrition for them to grow and thrive.