Icemaker Making No Ice? Get It Working

Returned from scorching heat and suddenly you find out that your icemaker is not working. Frustrating isn’t it? Having ice ready to use whenever you want is a kind of luxury that everyone would wish to have, especially during the summer time. However, it is often taken for granted until the icemaker stopped making ice. Yes, the loss is real.

Similar to the ice molds in the freezer, the icemakers are much simpler to use and quickly turn the water into solid ice form. However, the process in both is much different when compared.

Looking for ice from a freezer would take hours while the icemaker would serve you with beautiful ice cubes in approximately 15 minutes. The process of icemaking is automated and quick as all you need to add in the icemaker is pure water, and clean up the basket of the icemaker when it is completely filled up.

But accept it, the icemaker is sure to go bad one day due to some odd reasons. After all, it’s a machine! If your icemaker is also running up with the problem, it’s time you take a look at this post and identify the problems and their common fixes before consulting a professional repairman.

Possible reasons why the icemaker wouldn’t work

What a portable icemaker looks likeWhat do you do when your icemaker fails to work? Look for some professional help? It is not necessary that the issue with the icemaker is always going to be big. There will be small and common issues for which you might end up paying a high price. Why pay high for the fixings when you can do it on your own. Let’s talk about some of the common problems people might face with icemaker.

Issues with the icemaker and the possible fixes:

·         The Ice is Smelling

Of course, while using the icemaker, you are sure to look for quality ice that is good and hygienic. The ice should be odorless, fresh and tasteless too. But what if the ice comes with a filthy smell and stale taste? Such ice, when added to beverages, would spoil the drinks as well as can lead to some health issues too.

Possible causes:  

  • Icemaker is dirty
  • Use of bad water
  • Ice left in the bin for long hours

Possible Fixes:

The ice maker needs to be kept clean, and everything needs to be kept at the right place again after cleaning. For cleaning the icemaker, the experts also suggest using vinegar water and make ice out of it. This would not only eliminate the nasty smell from the ice but would also remove the taste of plastic from it quickly. Continuing this cleaning cycle around three times would give you the desired results.

·         The problem in removing the ice

This is an issue that might confuse you at first. When the ice doesn’t eject, the first thing that would come to your mind is that the icemaker has stopped making ice. However, on opening the icemaker, ice would be there in the tray. Hence, the issue is with that the ice cubes are not coming to the collection tray or bin.

Possible causes:

  • Fault in the ejector mechanism
  • Fault in the heating mechanism

Possible fixes:

The icemaker uses a heating mechanism to remove the ice cubes in the bin with the help of the ice ejector. When any of the devices fails, for fixing it up, firstly inspect all the parts individually of the system. Look if any wire is loose, corroded or any component is broken. Replacing some of the components or fixing the wire would help you fix the damage on your own.

·         Plastic in Ice

This is one common issue with icemakers. Again, this can happen anytime while using the icemaker. People have also reported seeing foreign objects or plastic bits in the ice cubes.

Possible Causes:

  • Possible broken tray

Possible Fixes:

In case your tray is broken, there is a high possibility of finding plastic bits in your ice cubes. Some icemakers are made up of plastic, which can get into the ice if broken. This can happen due to damage during transportation, or even due to some sort of manufacturing defect. Hence, replacing the entire unit would be the best way to get rid of the plastic bits from the ice cubes. Again, in some cases, the plastic bits would be left inside at the time of manufacturing, which can be removed by cleaning it well before using.

·         Water Leakage

Water leak from your iceboxIt’s awful looking your costly icemaker leaking, right! This is the indication of a serious problem inside the machine. When water is poured in the machine, it will slip out of the machine from the bottom. Again, this can also be related to issues like a failure of icemaker or small ice cubes.

Possible Causes:

  • The hose is broken

Possible Fixes:

For fixing this issue, open the icemaker and take a look at any defective component inside especially the hose and the box. If the leakage is too much, you might also have a broken spot that would be easily visible. Again, along with the hose, check the pump, valves, reservoir, ice bin and the water outlet for any kind of damage.

Once the fault is discovered, look for replacing the part by calling the manufacturer if it is under warranty. If not, then you can contact the appliance repair company like in your area. These companies offer professional help to repair the faulty appliances such as icemaker, washer, dryer, etc. in your area.

Leakage is basically the sign that the icemaker is now too old to function well or there are some additional issues on the way. Hence, sometimes replacing the entire icemaker with a new one is also suggested.

Apart from all the above mentioned fixed, some other issues that are commonly faced by the users are leakage in the coolant, overflowing of the ice bin, misshaped ice cubes, lack required power to the icemaker, icemaker fails to receive water, the water supply line is clogged, full ice bin, etc. If the problem out of your fix, don’t forget to contact the professional appliance service repairmen to take hold of your device and find out if it’s time to replace or repair the icemaker. After all, you do need your icemaker up and running for the approaching summer time.