Why You Need Music While Studying

This has been a debate since a long time ago. Some students say they can concentrate a lot when there is music playing in the background while they are studying. On the other hand, some would argue that listening to music while studying or reviewing for an exam just makes them less focused and more distracted.

Students in a group study sessionBut which is which?

In essence, the effect of music while studying depends on the person. What can work for you may not work for another. Thus, we cannot generalize this idea that music is a right partner when studying. Whatever floats your boat, as they say.

For those who feel more inspired to study while some music is playing in the background, there is actually a scientific explanation for that. Science explains why music can help a lot in making your function more useful throughout the course of your study.

1. Music helps keep you energized and motivated

Whenever you are set for a long night of studying, good music acts like caffeine to keep you up and alive. The sleepy feeling will be lessened. It is because music engages the body’s autonomic nervous system. More so, if you have a vocal coach and training to be a singer.  Singing can help control the physiological functions and emotions of our body. If you tune in to the right music and sing while studying, it can serve as a stimulant that can expedite the pulse, veer you away from boredom and fatigue. There will also be improved breathing that will promote more oxygen to your body..

2. It enhances the memory

Singing and music enhances memory functionAccording to research conducted about the efficiency of music in memory enhancement, they say that listening to it can actually aid in memory performance and concentration. You might have heard about the ‘Mozart Effect’ wherein they say that your brain can function better when you are listening to classic Mozart music while studying. This is still a topic for debate, but there have been a lot of people who have tried this and have proven its effectivity. No, you won’t be an instant genius when you listen to Mozart music, but you can concentrate and focus more on what you are doing, and your brain tends to function better and faster. In some cases, you can also try other music you prefer, and if you are really into music while reviewing for an exam or answering your homework, then it will have the same effect on you. Music can very well help stimulate your brain more.

3. Music can function as a stress reliever

Piles of work you need to work on will look less dreadful, as long as there’s music in the background, you will feel more calm and relaxed, and you won’t be too stressed. Music can calm your pressured muscles and brain, and it can eradicate the feelings of anxiety, arousal, and anger. You can listen to whatever music you like to listen to as long as it can help you relax and calm down.